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                                               Penulis : Ridha Ajeng B.M

                                                  One of the worlds best AIRPORT

                                             Incheon International airport known as one
                                             of world’s best airport because of the gar-

                                             dens, free showers and sauna. The busiest

                                             air route on earth is in there because more
                                             than 26 million passengers use Jeju airport

                                             each year.

              South Korea has a world-beating

          food scene   Korean food has been

          making waves across the globe, with

          Kimchi, tteokpokki, ramyeon etc. in In-

          donesia there are a lot of Korea restau-

          rant such as Mujigae , bo sim myeong
          ga, bbq Korea and many more.

                                                  South Korea is heaven for digi-
                                             tal addicts BOE JT The world’s fast-

                                             est Internet Connection speed
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